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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a highly effective treatment that can be used to treat injuries, disorders and diseases. With specific methods, physiotherapy can restore the function, mobility and movement of a particular area. Physiotherapy refers to the experiment and research information about the body’s working and then uses certified exercises as treatments.
If a body part has been previously strained, physiotherapy comes in handy to avoid further injury or damage. It is humongously popular, and people from all age groups can undergo physiotherapy. It helps in maintaining the shape and health of the body and thus avoids unwanted injuries.
The professionals are trained, skilled and experienced in these maintaining exercises to provide only the best service to all patients. At My Phyzio, we target to deliver only the highest quality and world-class treatment to the patients. The doctors at My Phyzio are trained to use their extensive talents, skills and experience to deal with complex cases like respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular and neuromusculoskeletal.
Nowadays, people often look for ‘best physiotherapy at home in Bangalore’ because of its popularity. If you need the best physiotherapists in Bangalore to deal with various health concerns, you may contact My Phyzio. Our physiotherapists can help you get accustomed to your daily health routine. There are also some special programs on breathing that can restore optimal lung capacity and blood flow. By contacting My Phyzio, you can get answers to all your doubts regarding anything like the availability of the best female physiotherapists in Bangalore and many more. We cater to the needs of all patients, including sportspersons. We have some of the best sports physiotherapists in Bangalore offering their services. My Phyzio can help you with everything you need and provide the best physiotherapy treatment in Bangalore at home.

What Are The Benefits Of Physiotherapy?

Following are the benefits of physiotherapy-

• Say no to surgery
Considering the pandemic, none of us wants to go to a hospital or get surgery done. But in some cases, surgery becomes the last viable option. By opting for physiotherapy, you can avoid further surgery by managing the ailment in its early stage. If any complications occur before or after the surgery, physiotherapy is the ultimate rehabilitation treatment.

• Coordination and Strength
Physiotherapy can reduce pain during or after surgery. It can additionally improve the generic strength and coordination of the body. It includes specific exercises and stretches that deal with cumulative coordination. So, suppose you have vertigo or dizziness, you can immediately get in touch with a physiotherapist.

• No dependency on Meds
Each medicine that you consume can have a potential side effect. Some diseases need medications to be administered to control and treat them. If a patient undergoes surgery, they have no other option but to rely on medicines to relieve pain. However, physiotherapy is a great alternative to deal with the concern, and you can even say no to medication by opting for it.

• Improved cardiovascular functioning and lung capacity
If you have recently undergone surgery for a stroke, then utmost care and recovery are needed. Physiotherapy proves to provide these patients with a sense of direction, movement, and balance again.

• Prevention of sport injuries
Agility is the main requirement in sports, and numerous sports can put you at risk of injuries like an ACL tear, golfer’s elbow, hamstring pull and many more. In these cases, physiotherapy is of utmost importance because it can provide targeted treatment to boost endurance and deal with the symptoms. Not just injuries, sportspeople and athletes can benefit from physiotherapy in regular life. You can look for a sports physiotherapist to help you with circulation and strengthening exercises that increase flexibility and thus, reduce your chances of injury.

• Fit at all ages
Old age brings with it complex situations that make it unpleasant and an interruption in life. There are illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, sciatica, dementia, neck pain, backaches, knee replacement and more.

• Management of diabetes and heart issues
Knee, shoulder and back pain are commonly seen in diabetic people. However, do you know that specific physiotherapy plans deal with the pain caused by diabetes? These also help in balancing sugar levels.

• Pregnancy and Postpartum care
Pregnancy brings in joy, but for women, it also brings in tremendous changes in the body. They impact their health and well being. Issues like fluctuating hormones increased body weight, difficulty in resuming routine, changing habits, etc., pop up. Physiotherapy can be your friend in the journey and help you get back to normal. Suppose you are suffering from any of these illnesses or know someone who is. In that case, you can book a consultation appointment with one of the best physiotherapy doctors in Bangalore at My Phyzio. We have some of the top physiotherapists in Bangalore working with us. They will be more than delighted to guide you through the best action plan for your treatment.
We understand that certain women feel comfortable with female doctors, hence at My Phyzio, we have empanelled some of the best lady physiotherapists in Bangalore. So if you need the best physiotherapy in Bangalore, then look no more. Contact My
Phyzio today to get all the information, including the physiotherapy cost in Bangalore.

How Can Physiotherapy Keep The Spine Health?

Physiotherapy can prove beneficial in treating spine conditions like rehabilitation for spine injuries, systemic spine conditions and issues like neck or back pain issues. In addition, it deals with issues like nerve irritation, muscle injury and pain and all kinds of joint pains. The exercises aim to regain normal spine movement patterns and prevent pain. Methods used include joint mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, improved movement through flexibility, mobility and strengthening exercises.
Passive physical therapy involves things like heat application, ice packs and electric stimulation. On the other hand, active physical therapy focuses on stretching and particular exercises. Most spine-related to back pain treatments in physiotherapy are active.
If you need physiotherapy, you may begin by looking for physiotherapy in Bangalore 3rd Stage and adding filters as per your preference. You can also learn about physiotherapy costs in Bangalore 3rd Stage compared to other areas in Bangalore.
If you are looking for anything specific such as the best female physiotherapist in Bangalore 3rd Stage at an affordable price, you may contact My Phyzio. Then, based on your convenient time, your requirement, and the availability of experts, we will share details of the best physiotherapy doctor in Bangalore 3rd Stage.

How Can Physiotherapy Help In The Treatment Of Arthritis?

Physical activity can help optimise both physical and mental health and thus, play a crucial role in managing arthritis. Physiotherapy involves a lot of physical activity and exercise.
With routine exercise, the muscle around damaged joints strengthen, bone loss decreases, controls swelling and pain. It also improves the lubrication of the cartilage and decreases stiffness. Exercising helps reduce fatigue and improves sleep which gives you stamina and energy. In patients with arthritis who are overweight, workouts can promote weight loss and help with long term weight management.
The arthritis pain can be frustrating, but there is no cure for it. When you seek help from a physiotherapist, they will personalise a mobility and strength exercise plan. They will ensure that the regimen includes all the body areas. Take, for example; you are suffering from knee pain due to arthritis. Then the therapist will develop an exercise plan involving the lower back, hip and ankle and knee. The treatment might as well include lifting objects, carrying them and squatting.
Patients use various filters like the best sports physiotherapist in Bangalore 3rd Stage while looking for something specific. My Phyzio makes it easier by understanding the needs of the patients and offering the most suitable option. Finding experts for physiotherapy in Bangalore 3rd Stage is easier with My Phyzio by your side.
To make it even more accessible, we can also help with the best physiotherapy at home in Bangalore 3rd Stage. Therefore, to ensure only the top quality treatment is provided in-office or at home, we have empanelled only the best physiotherapists in Bangalore 3rd Stage.

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